I am a social scientist with a primary focus on the human dimensions of environmental change. I am particularly interested in Indigenous experiences of environmental change in the Canadian and circumpolar Arctic, especially around the impacts of change on traditional land-based livelihoods and food security (particularly country-food sharing networks). I have a broad range of experience conducting research in the traditional territories of First Nations and Metis communities and across the Inuit Nunangat.

Non-Academic Interests:

I am an endurance athlete active in the Canadian Pacific Northwest and abroad, practising distance running, climbing, bikepacking and ski-mountaineering. Some of this is visible at Offroute.ca, a blog I co-author with Skyler Des Roches.

Disclaimer: All photos featured herein are mine unless otherwise indicated. Likewise the views/opinions/positions taken here are entirely my own and are not a reflection of those held by my employers or colleagues.

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