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  • Lectures given on current research at a variety of scholarly gatherings including ArcticNET Annual Scientific Meetings 2013-2015, IASSA 2014 Meeting
  • Awarded ‘Best Presentation’ at McGill Environment Symposium 2013


  • Teaching Assistant (responsible for lecture delivery, grading and student supervision variously) for a variety of undergraduate courses offered by McGill University Geography Department including:
    • Geog 221 – Environment and Health
    • Geog 302 – Environmental Management 1
    • Geog 303 – Health Geography
    • Geog 310 – Development and Livelihoods


  • Ride. Camp. Repeat – 2:20min, 2016 – A short film about bikepacking by Skyler Des Roches, Dan Mattison and Knut Kitching, in association with (Honorable Mention, Best Indie Bikepacking Films of 2016)